Expression Through Neon – Three dimensional light.

Roger borg split stack 700px

Artist Roger Borg expresses himself through the not-so-often-used medium that is neon.
Borg’s inspiration comes from the inherent characteristics of the mid-nineteenth century light source, taking its traditional flatness, two dimensionality, seductive colours and most importantly its malleablility of shape and by breathing new life into it.

Borg challenges the core aspect of the typical lamp.

Traditionally, their illumination is dependent on an interior light source, concealed and diffused through an exterior, whereas Roger’s lamps are the light, generated directly from their exterior surface.

The light does not hide behind a typical shade, but rather emanates from its external shell.

The need for an interior bulb is rendered moot. The bulb is now the shape, the shape is now the light.

A Pool House

I was so excited to see an article on the uber-talented and inspirational Martin Lejarraga in the November issue of Interior Design.  The article featured the home of a young family in Spain who maximized a tight budget by focusing on a few wow-worthy design components, such as the above ground pool.  The entire building shell is of a concrete construction except for a few steel panels serving an additional structural component.  The three-bedroom, 2,350-square-foot home is truly a minimalist oasis – showing off Lejarraga’s eye for simplicity and form.

Hole Sweet Hole

Designed by Dutch architectural studio in cooperation with SeARCH Studio & Christian Muller Architects, the ‘Villa Vals’ built in Switzerland blends into the hilly surrounding landscape.

A stunning project.. and just look at those views.

I found this via the amazing design blog LooksLikeGoodDesign.

More images via MAD

Qube Calendar

The 2010 calendar released by Qube Studio

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Photography by Mochatini

A belated Happy New Years to everyone! (I know its January 3rd already and I’m off to a bad new year’s start!)

However, I thought I’d redeem myself by sharing with you some of the photography by one of my favourite bloggers, Manvi of Mochatini.

‘Hello Monday’ is a series of posts in which Manvi shares inspiring images with her readers featuring a short note and a beautiful image of her either her own or one found on the web.
(Though, I’ll be honest, it’s pretty good most days.)

So come Monday, make sure you check into

You won’t be disappointed.
All images via Mochatini & Manvi Drona-Hidalgo

Editorial Design

It was only yesterday when @designtavern and myself were in my ordinary local newsagent, buying the latest issue of Frankie. The friendly man behind the counter, by no means Frankie’s target demographic, remarked happily “I love the design of this one, it’s really great!”.

This is someone who looks at the hundreds of different covers every single month. So you know what? I’m inclined to trust his judgement.

Editorial design is now going beyond merely getting a mag off the shelves and into the hands eager readers. Intricate folds, a nod to minimalism and all things organic, perhaps this shift is just what the magazine industry needs.

These two publications have quickly become two of my all-time faves -

Editorial Design is an amazing book, exploring both the fundamental principles of magazine design (i.e; get a product off the shelves) but also pays homage to some of the outstanding publications of yesteryear. From grid principles to Vogue layouts, it’s a must read for any magazine enthusiast, those who write and those that work behind the scenes.

IdN’s latest issue is dedicated to celebrating the wonders of modern editorial design. The pages are positively littered with innovative publications that push the boundaries in terms of design. From intricate folding publications, to fresh and exciting typography, it’s a truly inspirational issue. As for the free DVD included, it’s a muuuust must have.

Helvetica Jewellery

A sample of the presents you receive when you’re my friend.
I got this for my girlfriend here

Some Harry Potters in the Works

I recently visited Lamington Drive Gallery and was treated to the work of Oslo Davis..

this particular piece made me laugh buckets.

Elastic Shelving


Clever idea and brilliantly executed..

By designer Arianna Vivenzio

Guest Post @ Pretty Lovely

How To Make A monster Donna Wilson

The lovely Sam of Pretty Lovely has kindly let me post an article on her blog, outlining how to ‘make your own monster’

Make sure you stop by and have a look around Sam’s blog, you’ll love it.

Paul Smith teams up with Rhodia


Get one here.

Amazing Perforated Exterior

KUD perforated House

An amazing spin on the classic Victorian inner Melbourne Terrace by KUD architects

This would have to be one of my favourite exteriors of 2009 -

“To us, this project is a platform to establish a critical dialogue within our built environment; to raise questions as much as to find solutions. The project is a critique on our cultural attitudes and how we determine them, on what we consider to be of heritage significance and how to narrate such ideas in a critical and contemporary manner.”

Love it..

You can follow an interesting conversation regarding the perforated house via contemporist along with some more amazing images.

Creatively recycled cardboard store hits Melbourne CBD

Recycled Cardboard Store

Melbourne based boutique Lulamae has teamed with Breath Architecture to bring to the streets of cultural Melbourne this entirely recycled “pop-up shop” in Melbourne Central.

The installation/store can be assembled in just one day and can be flat packed once its reached its 2 month expiry, bringing to the commercial Melbourne central a glimpse of street vendor chic.

The store is now 1 day old and you can check it out at Melbourne Central for the next two months.

New Moon Home to go under the hammer.

It’s that time again, New Moon has been out for a couple of weeks now and there is a now familiar twilight frenzy.

After the popularity of the original post on the Hoke House by Jeff Kovel from Skylab architecture (see my original interview with him here!) I thought now would be a good time for an update on the architecture of New Moon.

Although the Hoke House made an appearance in New Moon interiors shots were in fact from another home restored by the very accomplished contemporary residential architect, Brian Hemmingway and located in West Vancouver, Canada

The home was originally designed by Arthur Erickson, a Canadian and largely celebrated architect whom sadly passed away just this year, and was built in the 1950s.

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Unique and Quirky Greeting Cards

id go to zone two for you

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