Jan Kempenaers in Yugoslavia – Josh Spear, Trendspotting


via: Jan Kempenaers in Yugoslavia – Josh Spear, Trendspotting.


elevator cam3 Elevator

Had trouble finding an original source, can anyone help out?

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Little People – a tiny street art project: Sugar High

via: Little People – a tiny street art project: Sugar High.

Minuscule by Maite Guerrero

Minuscule by Maite Guerrero photography illustration art

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Archi­tec­tural Pho­tog­ra­phy – Chris­t­ian Stoll


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Defgrip asks: What is Your Camera Setup of Choice and Why?

Check out what Justin Kosman, Tommy Blanco, Vincent Perraud, Jon Stars, Ryan Fudger, David Lang, Kyle Emery-Peck, Cody Nutter, George Marshall and Joey Cobbs had to say here

Via: Part 2: What is Your Camera Setup of Choice and Why? | Defgrip.

PicoCool – Urban Quiver Camera Bag

The Urban Quiver is original and something different from the typical bulky(nerdy) camera bag. It has a tubular shape allowing the camera gear to be held more efficiently,if you think about it, camera gear is long and shaped like this bag. The shape of the bag makes it easy to store in small spaces and is perfect for carrying your tripod.”

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Slow shutter photography – Alexey Titarenko

foule fantome ombre alexey titarenko 03 La foule des ombres dAlexey Titarenko

By Alexy Titarenko


La foule des ombres d’Alexey Titarenko | La boite verte.

Abandoned Architecture Photography


Here is a collection of work from photographer Richard Nickel Jr.
Richard is a self described ‘Guerrilla Preservationist’
He roams the streets and alleys hunting for abandoned architecture and buildings and then shares his findings with readers via his blog The Kingston Lounge

This sort of derelict architecture has always fascniated me, such a history (and mystery!) behind each photo..

Richard has quite the collection on his blog Kingston Lounge and I could go on forever sharing his unique gift for unearthing the abandoned

Interior Photography By Rachael Smith

site 2

Here are some of the shots from London based freelance photographer, Rachael Smith

Rachael who graduated from University in 2000 has worked for a number of design and advertising clients throughout the UK and also across Europe.

She has a talent for capturing the very essence of a place in her interior shots. Portraying not just the physical features of a home, but giving us an insight into what it may very well be like to live there.

She has the unique ability to capture what makes a house a home in her interior shots.

Here were a few of my favourites..

Swedish Summer House

Against the Swedish, Forest Background.

A well loved and often used fireplace

A warm room that captures the ability of floor to ceiling windows to bring outside in.

Ladbroke Grove Home

This shot gives us into a glimpse of the family home — A Classical piano on modern, polished concrete floors is the main feature of the room. Whilst the toy car lets us know that the Home belongs to a young family.

Eero Aarnio’s Home

The Home of Furniture designer Eero Aarnio.
Here he is with his famous bubble chair

A library or study room – With still a hint of Aarnio’s plastic and fibreglass furniture


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the adventures of Bubi

Iconic Glamour @ Rough Review.


It’s getter rare these days to find decent chick magazines these days. Over at Rough Review, they’ve convinced me that Glamour’s 70th Anniversary issue is a welcome change to this trend. 

Rough Review is a review site featuring short editorials covering everything from pop culture, to games and random internet silliness. In this recent post, Rough Review writer (and Design Tavern contributer) Elizabeth comments on the brilliant photospread featured in one of the most popular women’s magazines on the market.

Featured in this issue of the popular women’s magazine is a photo spread dedicated to the iconic females who have helped shape the lives of women across the globe in a myriad of different ways. Actresses, musicians and sports stars – the piece includes them all, displaying most profoundly that magazines are not yet dead and have great artistic merit on occasions. 

You can check out the original post @Rough Review here.

Play with Ink

Play with Ink

Fantastic photographs by young artist Levi van Veluw, a multidisciplinary artist, who lives and works in the Netherlands. I really like the simplicity of the idea and the  visual final effect. You can also check out his new sculpture which was shown in Ronmandos gallery (Netherlands).

Carry the sky around in your pocket with ‘Box Of Clouds’


Grey skies above getting you down? Then perhaps you need to invest in your own ‘Box of Clouds’ -

Photographer Kim Laughton has created his own little slice of cloudy heaven and captured it in a tin.

A photo viewer keyring dismembered and put in a tin. In this case I took off the backlight, making the LCD transparent. The button in the middle turns it on and off. Hold it up to a light source to see the clouds!

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Guy Sargent – Photographer


Photographer, Guy Sargent from West London gives us a taste of his amazing skill to capture the stillness of a landscape as well as the splendour and grandness of some of today’s architecture. ‘What lies beneath the surface’ displays, from across Europe, landscapes as their creator intended – natural, untamed and free from the impact of humankind. From the following interview you will begin to get a feel for Sargent’s passion for his profession, “There are elements of romanticism, the spiritual & political in this work. In a way I just want to say as much as I can using as little information as possible.”
Guy Sargent has an uncanny knack for capturing feeling in his work; whether it be the quiet calmness and serenity of an undisturbed,  rocky English shore – or the humbled, awe inspired feeling when one stands in the shadow of the Grande Arche…

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