MUJI Awards 03

I first came across MUJI via Jase Cooper’s blog so decided to do a bit of research and see what all of the fuss is about.

What Is MUJI?
Founded in 1980 MUJI is a Japanese company,  which sells a wide variety of home wares and consumer goods.

But under the surface..
MUJI’s is known for conservation of natural resources, low prices, simplicity, anonymity and an orientation toward nature. We embrace all of these attributes without placing disproportionate emphasis on any of them”

MUJI’s ideology on products and their production..

MUJI strives to base its design on the nature of the material making up a product..We simplify our process to elimiate waste entirely, but we carefully select and incorporate quality materials and processing technologies. Put simply, we create quality at low cost for smart purchases.”

Now famous for it’s deep underlying philosophy on living and consuming, MUJI has made it’s way from Japan to all over Asia, UK, Europe and North America.
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Matt Huynh – Illustrator and visual aritst


I’m very happy to finally present to you some Aussie talent, we’ve gone far too long without a little creative input from home.

“Huynh’s experimental graphic novels span a diverse variety of genres from surrealist fantasy to polemical essays, dramas and autobiography. His inky, energetic brushwork has appeared on everything from magazines and prints to clothing, accessories, health resources, tattoos, film, performance projections, vinyl toys and dolls. When he’s not at the drawing table, he can be found conducting instructional workshops, public presentations, exhibitions and live art demonstrations as a member of Popperbox artists’ collective.”
(via Matt Huynh Bio) 

Midnight Morning is a limited and handcrafted publication combining the distinct work of Haline Ly, Matt Huynh and Will Loeng in a new and never-before-seen illustration series celebrating shared experiences of love and devastation.

Matt Huynh is a self taught Sydney based comic creator and illustrator; already an old hand at all in the field of visual arts, from editorial work to advertising, visualising to toys, tattoos, to publishing and graphic novels. You name it, Matt’s done it. Huynh’s work is imaginative and emotive but clearly expressed through his fine detail and a clever use of colour, dull or vibrant where appropriate

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Abhijeet Kumar – Industrial Designer


The 'Welcome Chair'

An “industrial designer by profession” Abhijeet Kumar, based in Ahmedabad, says he was initially inspired by his family: “It was quite natural since my uncle was an artist and I saw him draw all the time”. However, it wasn’t until he discovered the work of industrial designer Raymond Leowy that he decided to make his creative passion into a career.

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Concrete Tube Pendant Light by Wever & Ducré


Belgian architectural lighting manufacturer Wever & Ducré have a new pendant light.

From Wever & Ducré:

The Concrete Tube by Belgian designer Wall-y catches the eye immediately with its concrete look. It fits in perfectly with our quest for new materials and our love and respect for concrete. It should be said: this material is very hard to make, yet the result is magnificent. This hanging lamp gets its teeth into the room, as it were, and scores high on ‘cuddliness’. The Concrete Tube is ideal for minimalist homes, loft-style apartments, restaurants and offices.

Visit the website of Wever & Ducré – here.
via contemporist

I’m a bit of a concrete fanatic – and absolutely swooned when I saw this!
I love the industrial feel – and the fact that it isn’t a perfect finish on the cylinder just adds to its rough aesthetics – A lovely feature to any brutalist home or office :)

Igor Pinigin – Product Designer


Anemona is the brainchild of Ukrainian Industrial designer Igor Pinigin -

Anemona The unbalanced, visually unstable lamp creates an amazing lighting solution – limitless in terms of configuration and mobility. The fact that each lamp in itself is a separate entity is well thought out, free from messy wires, users are given full freedom of how they set up their own lighting, and can be constantly changed.


Igor has kindly described for Design Tavern his idea of the ‘visually unstable lamp’

I am glad to present you ANEMONA – visually unstable lamp.
The main idea behind this concept is that the lamp is able to change its position, this complete mobility creates a visually unstable effect. The equilibrium position of this lamp is produced through the shape, construction and also the presence of heavy glass balls that fill the bottom of the lamp – the full mobility of Anemona allows for the assembly of dynamic figures. The prototype was produced especially for exposition at SaloneSatellite Moscow 2008 and was presented as a mobile wireless lamp with LEDs powered by accumulators located inside. The shape of prototype looks different from planed original and will be continually be changed from its original shape, adding to the unstable concept.

check out Igor’s work here
Or his personal blog (ukrainian ) here

Alexander Ovchinnikov – Digital Artist/Photographer

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Alexander Ovchinnikov – The well travelled artist, photographer, t-shirt designer and all round creative being has travelled the world and documented his findings along the way..

part of which have been filed into a folio he calls the ‘Black Album’


For the Black Album  I used the pictures of  people taken in the streets of different cities such as: Moscow, Rome, London, Capetown, Brisbane etc. (I like to turn ordinary photos into the conceptual pictures about life, death and the other magic).   I shot and turned into Photoshop Brushes a lot of objects and textures , further retouching and composing were done in Adobe Photoshop as well.”

Alexander has worked as a TV animation/motion designer, magazine art director and free-lance designer, he offers that he was lucky to see the revival of design, TV and magazines in Russia after the Soviet time.

Alexander is now the creative director and co-owner of MILK creative agency, and are working hard on a T-shirt design series that will be availble for sale soon.


to aspiring designers alexander offers this..

“Don’t be afraid of anything. More impudence and freedom in creation. The more you’ll try the better the result is.”

A huge thanks to Alexander Ovchinnikov for allowing us to show his impressive work, and best of luck getting your t-shirts out there on the streets!

To see Alexander’s other creative work please visit:

Space Invaders Design Group

From Milano, Italy comes the talented talent of the Space Invaders Design Group.

Fresh from University, these talented young designers have now completed their degrees but are still meeting to enter design competitions.

The team have kindly given Design Tavern a taste of their work –  A few past University projects.

"Monolite was our final university effort.. "

Tell us a little about yourselves, where are you from and where are you living now?

Four people make up Space Invaders and we are each from a different part of Italy. We met in Milano at university and discovered that working together could have been some potential so we gave it a go and we created the group.

The Space Invaders group is composed by Giovanni Mendini, Stefano Pertegato, Francesco Schiraldi and Eloisa tolu.

The project was for a lighting system which can become something more than a simple lamp, and is actually an “interactive architetural element” to fit in with the SOHO housings (office houses in which dwellers live their entire day).

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Nest Architects – Gorman Shipshop


Nest Architects are a Melbourne based architecture and design practice and the minds behind this bright and resourceful shipping container conversion.

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Oppenheim Architects – The Art Vault


From Oppenheim Architects comes the ‘stacked kleenex boxes’ better known as the art vault - 

A psychedelic swirl of flowers and colours that may remind the older generation of their acid tripping days - 

Oppenheim Architecture + Design have unveiled plans to build an art storage facility in Miami, USA.

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Jase Cooper – Designer

I’ve been itching to get an interview with a young product designer, especially one with such promise as Jason Cooper – Details »

Ilya Kazakov – Illustrator


I have recently been in touch with Russian artist Ilya Kazakov; and was delighted when he agreed to an interview and allowing me to show some of his work.
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Unfortunately we hit a road block as there was a bit of a language barrier, (remind me to learn Russian next time I’ve got a spare moment) nevertheless, It would be a shame not to show some of Ilya’s amazing work – and besides, the quality speaks for itself!
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midori-san – The blogging house plant

Only in Japan…
Meet midori-san,  the blogging house plant.Through sensors connected to the leaves of this Sweetheart Hoya reads bioelectric currents through the plant, this gives information about the lighting coondition, temperature, humidity etc. An algorithm created by the Keio University Hiroya Tanaka Laboratory translates this data into japanese sentences. In this way the plant gives information about the weather and his personal condition. Blog-readers can also activate a lamp to give the midori-san a threat, which is often immediately replied by a thank you from the plant.

Original link at:

I wonder if you leave Midori-san out in the sun her blog reads “water me ffs!”
Oh god, i called it her…

Lightwriting From Picasso to Lichtfaktor

You may have already seen Light Writing in action, but for those who haven’t, a quick explanation-

The technique is almost 100 years ago, when Picasso (that man just loves to contribute to the art world..) decided to sketch a centaur mid-air using a torch -

The photograph was taken by Gjon Mili -
“I confronted him [Picasso] with a photograph, taken in darkness but showing a skater’s leap traced with lights attached to the skates. Picasso reacted instantly. Intrigued, he began drawing with his finger in the thin air.” They arranged to meet at a pottery in Vallauris. In the dark, after Mili fired his flash, Picasso sketched a centaur in the air -

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Luis Porem – Rbg Rainbow glasses – international designer

I have recently been in touch with industrial designer Luis Porem, who has kindly allowed me to post some of his stunning work -

Born in Lisbon, Portugal and raised in Alenquer – Luis Porem has presented some outstanding intuitive work, he describes the green valley of Alenquer as the place where he “fell in love with things… From the Multicoloured river pebbles, to the abandoned mills that rest on the top of the maountains, to the roads painted in autumnal colours, by the leaves blow away by the wind, to the sweet music of the night..”

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David Suzuki and the 11th Hour.

David Suzuki


“I see a world in the future in which we understand that all life is related to us and we treat that life with great humility and respect. I see us as well as social creatures, and when I began to look back and say, ‘what is the fundamental bottom line for us as social creatures?’…I couldn’t believe it because it seemed so hippy dippy, but it was Love. Love is the force that makes us fully human.”

- David Suzuki.

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