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Driven by destiny and under the heavy influence of cartoon madness, two illustration students from the Netherlands decided to team up and start a mission. The goal is to make one cartoon face every weekday, until the result is one big epic cartoon collection which reaches to INTFINITY! Details »

A unique CD package – Wandering Pleiades


Pleiades is a Greek-speaking folk polyphonic singing female group. The group was founded in May 2006 in Thessaloniki, in order to contribute to the diffusion of the Greek-speaking folk polyphonic singing.

Kostas Bartsokas designed their first album “Wandering Pleiades”. The cd package is designed from a single cut craft stock without the use of any glue or plastic parts. It was printed with pantone black and white. The package is inspired by their clean – vocal only – music and reflects an earthly and clean tone which is emphasized by the stock color and feel. The six Pleiades sit underneath the bridge and sing their songs. The artwork references the old bridges of Epirus and some traditional patterns of Epirotic knit ware.
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Noddy Boffin

Map/Plan Drawers

I’ve recently started a woodworking/furniture making course. Although my mortise and tenon joins would make any accomplished woodworker cringe, I’m lucky enough to have an expert teacher, Elliot Gorham. Here’s a small sample of work via his site Noddy Boffin

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OneByNine – Hong Kong apartment interiors

Lukas from OneByNine studio in Hong Kong was kind enough to let me know about their latest interior design project. The project has been dubbed the ‘invader apartment’.

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KISSTHEDESIGN by A3 collectif


Branding and identity for post war furniture and contemporary art gallery, KISSTHEDESIGN by A3 Collectif

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Before I Die..

Before I Die Comes to Chicago street art installation Chicago

Another cool find via Colossal. Artist Candy Chang has completed an interactive public art project in Chicago, allowing visitors to complete the sentence “Before I die…” with their hopes and dreams.

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Hermes Meets Vans


check out the full range: Hermes Meets Vans «.

Jan Kempenaers in Yugoslavia – Josh Spear, Trendspotting


via: Jan Kempenaers in Yugoslavia – Josh Spear, Trendspotting.

Rope Lights by Atelier 688

via: Rope Lights by Atelier 688 » CONTEMPORIST.

Little People – a tiny street art project: Sugar High

via: Little People – a tiny street art project: Sugar High.

Josephine Baker School Group – Domenique Coulon & Associates

via: sub-studio design blog: Josephine Baker School Group – Domenique Coulon & Associates.

Buro Office Collection by Lexon

Buro Office Collection by Lexon


via: Buro Office Collection by Lexon | Design Milk.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ben Newman

Fucking awesome!

Download here: The Fox Is Black » The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ben Newman.

Tram Bui

Tram Bui Scaffolding Painting

Another awesome find via The Fox is Black If you haven’t checked out this blog you should get on it!

via: The Fox Is Black » Tram Bui.

ZURB – Google’s Largest Doodle Yet

Google’s ‘Doodle’ to mark the birthday of the late Martha Graham.

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