7 Unique CD and disc Packaging


Is your hadcore, post-punk-screamo band having trouble selling discs?

Well, maybe the secret to boosting your sales lies in the packaging!
Check out the following examples of unique cd packaging design..

Bendita Gloria

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Nils-Petter Lövgren — A creative genius

From Stockholm, Nils-Petter Lövgren studied both graphic design and film studies whilst travelling the world — His latest body of work is for Cadbury — ‘A glass and a half full production’


Cadbury Eyebrows from Nils-Petter Lovgren on Vimeo.

I only share this with you because it’s an amazing display of artistic skill and expertise..

The rest of Nils-Petter Lövgren‘s site is here.

Wall Decals by Undoboy – Graphics that live on your walls


‘Undoboy’ from Portland shares with us some of his handywork –

Despite being called…rainbow poop (er-hem) this is my favourite installation.


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The Best Stop-Start animation ever?

I found this over at designverb.com (I’d mentioned the good stuff going on at DV in an post;  ‘staying up to date with the latest design’)

This is ‘Muto’ –  a wall painted animation by Blu more simply put the best stop-start animation I’ve ever seen. The Blu team take you on journey through suburban Bueons Aires through the medium of street art — in this evolving tale — You really just have to watch it!

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Tomas Schats

tomasschats c

Tomas Schats

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Carry the sky around in your pocket with ‘Box Of Clouds’


Grey skies above getting you down? Then perhaps you need to invest in your own ‘Box of Clouds’ -

Photographer Kim Laughton has created his own little slice of cloudy heaven and captured it in a tin.

A photo viewer keyring dismembered and put in a tin. In this case I took off the backlight, making the LCD transparent. The button in the middle turns it on and off. Hold it up to a light source to see the clouds!

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Less is MORE vs. Less is BORE


Less is More… Vs. Les is Bore…

Mies van der Rohe & Robert Venturi – Chalk and Cheese

Mies Van Der Rohe & Robert Venturi, both amazing, accomplished and recognised designers – but you could find a more different pair.

Farnsworth House The Vanna Venturi House

I’d like to show you Petar Pavlov’s visual interpretation of the two master designers via these portraits he produced for exhibition in Florence organized by the president of Accademia Italiana, Dr. Vincenzo Giubba.- I spoke with him earlier this week to find out the inspiration behind each compelling, completely opposite portraits.

The subject of the exhibition was “Less is more / Less is a bore”. These are very popular quotes in the design world. The first one is quoted by Mies van der Rohe, a radical minimalist, and the second belongs to Robert Venturi who has a more humanistic approach to the design process.

In order to capture this debate, I created two posters with their portraits. The Rohe’s portrait was a very minimal one, almost like a constructivist drawing. On the other hand, Robert Venturi’s portrait had more of a human touch. The posters were placed as if they are looking at each other and still trying to decide which one is right

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Bride&Wolfe chic timber silhouettes


I’m particularly excited to bring to the pages of Design Tavern a Melbourne based company ‘Bride&Wolfe’, creating intricately stunning timber silhouettes for your home.


The silhouettes can be hung from walls, doorways, ceilings or window frames. People have purchased Bride&Wolfe pieces for weddings, housewarmings and baby welcome presents. Of course, many people buy them to enjoy in their own home.




Bride&Wolfe’s timber silhouettes evoke fairytales, forests and the magic of childhood. Designed to hang from walls, doorways, ceilings or window frames, each piece is a charming and sophisticated example of contemporary folk art.

It is Melbourne based Miranda Moreira who founded Bride&Wolfe in 2005 — Her inspiration came from a Hansel and Gretel silhouette that she found in a store whilst living in Paris — She was so transfixed that on her return to Melbourne, Miranda began her crafting her own silhouettes from timber — inspired by her home town’s keen, fresh spirit as much as the easy ooze of Parisian chic.


Bride&Wolfe pieces are inspired by Chinese papercutting, fossicked embroidery and fabrics, European folklore, and vintage Disney films. These influences are the touchstones for modern, resonant designs that evoke fairytales, forests and the magic of childhood. The intricate creations are produced in Melbourne in small runs and hand-finished in Miranda’s garden studio.


Also, Bride&Wolfe can boast that all products are Melbourne made and designed The silhouettes can be hung from walls, doorways, ceilings or window frames. People have purchased Bride&Wolfe pieces for weddings, housewarmings and baby welcome presents. Of course, many people buy them to enjoy in their own home. What’s more, Bride&Wolfe are extremely flexible with their designs- you can get in touch with the crew to discuss changes such as colour and material if you so wish.

Obamicon yourself!

hope copy

I’ve been playing around with Obamicon for the past hour or so, and this is the end result! It’s really quite effective.

Simply upload your own photo to Obamicon enter a caption ‘hope’ in my case (keeping it traditional) and it will do A lot of the hard work for you.

You can then choose to print your obamicon on the likes of T-shirts, Mugs and other souvineers.

For my results above, You may need to play around in photoshop (no skill really needed, just the brush tool) for a few touch ups here and there, and the blue lines

I’d love to see how everyone else goes! Once uploaded you will be provided a link – Feel free to share it in the comments below.

New Site by Cecilia Levy


Design Tavern has featured the work of Cecelia Levy in the past, I would now like to bring to your attention her brand new site;


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7 Fun LEGO facts.

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Fun Lego Facts:-

1. There are about 62 LEGO bricks for every one of the world’s 6 billion inhabitants.
2. Children around the world spend 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks.
3. More than 400 million people around the world have played with LEGO bricks.
4. More than 400 billion LEGO bricks have been produced since 1949. Stacked on top of each other, this is enough to connect the Earth and the Moon ten times over.
5. 7 LEGO sets are sold by retailers every second around the world.
6. The LEGO bricks sold in one year would circle the world 5 times.
7. LEGO can be used to…patch walls?

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Obama Art and a guest blogging gig!



I have recently been invited By Greg over at 2modern Design blog to be a guest blogger -
Check out my post over there featuring the Obama street art that has emerged in recent months

Street Art: Joshua Allen Harris’ Inflatable Bag Monsters


I found this video whilst searching around youtube last night..

Harris and the guys use the air exhausted from underground subway to create these clever, totally animated, life-of-their-own, trash bag sculptures.

You have to check this out!

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Leonardo Sala, Illustrator and Artist – The Mannequin

inside burning

Today we have Leonardo Sala who has kindly told us a little about his emotive pieces from a series called ‘The Mannequin

“With ‘The Mannequin’ I wanted to create a style to quickly illustrate concepts, with a bit of a surreal atmosphere. I like very much to put constraint in my art process too. For ‘The Mannequin’ the constraints were: clear concepts, minimal style, draw directly with a pen. Feeling a strong emotion while creating is another essential part of the process.”

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Rod Hunt – Freelance Illustrator and artist behind ‘Change the world 9 to 5′


I was fortunate enough to get in contact with Rod Hunt, freelance london based artist who has successfully represented the likes of BBC, Maxim, FHM, Orange and Vodafone..

As well as the cover art for widespread publication ‘change the world 9 to 5′

We have been kindly given a taste of Rod’s retro styled isometric work along with a bit of background and some great advice for up and coming artists.
Rod stresses the importance of knowing your rights as a working artist, along with the need to just get out there and show your stuff to the world.

So without further ado, the much appreciated and insightful interview with Mr Rod Hunt!

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