Illustrations by Stuart Kerr


Via: The Illustrations of Stuart Kerr, a Green Scot in Japan – Core77.

Hyper Realistic sculptor – Sam Jinks

Sam Jinks baby

Melbourne based artist, Sam Jinks, specialises in the creation of these amazingly realistic and incredibly evocative sculptures.

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Tyre sculptor

Ji Yong Ho tire sculpture rhino

Art work by by the supremely talented Ji Yong Ho, A south Korean artist and sculptor whom models his works from old tires and rubber.

I originally came across Ji Yong Ho’s work via

Works by Greg Lamarche

The following pieces were created by Greg Lamarche.

I originally stumbled across Lamarche’s work via Yay!everyday

Steampunk Sculptures by Michihiro Matsuoka

These beautiful pieces are by Michihiro Matsuoka.

Michihiro created these sculptures using stone clay and acrylic paint.

I found these via DailyArtFixx

Recycled skateboard sculpture

These contemporary pieces are by art collective Haroshi.

Each sculpture is created using the colourful layers of recycled skateboards..

“There are no single USED skateboard that it is bend or scrutched in the same way. As if it is a personality, skateboard has it`s own character. What I am doing is to focusing on each personality and use it`s element to create my work. So I am trying to show the out shoot of the bord beautifully as color of the skatebord looks beautiful when it`s pasted together.”

I found these pieces via Grievous Bodily Charm

So you want to customize your own sneakers

The ever growing collection of Melbourne based, professional sneaker customizer, Sekure D is one that all would be street artists should be keeping a close eye on.

SD has had his work exhibited both at home [Australia] and abroad, has been featured in dozens of sneaker, street art and fashion publications, has done a collection a number of solo exhibitions and has even collaborated with brands such as globe, whom replicated 2500 pairs of his Mace Hi sneakers.
Mr. D has kindly agreed to share some insight into what It takes to become a successful sneaker customizer.
DT: First off, how did you get started in the sneaker customizing scene? What made you one day think ‘I’m going to paint a pair of shoes’? Why did you feel compelled to change what had already been created?

SD: I have been into sneakers since I was a little kid mainly due to my interest in skateboarding and basketball. Consequently I have been collecting them for a long time and it seemed like it was a good way to produce something that other people didn’t have. Sneaker customizing also combines a lot of my interests into one activity.

DT: How long did it take before you considered yourself a full time sneaker customizer?

SD: I still think it’s strange, when people ask what I do I say I am an artist. It wasn’t until after I had been doing this for about 5 years that it became feasible to work in this field full time.

DT: I’m sure you get this all the time, but from where do you get your inspiration?

SD: I would say it’s a mixture of a few elements, comic books, graffiti, film and alcohol being the most important.

DT: What is the thought process for creating a unique pair of sneakers?

SD: It is easy to create a custom pair of sneakers but it’s hard to create one that is both wearable and recognizable as your own, that’s what I focus on now. I approach the shoes as a dedication to something I am fond of; alternatively I use them as a canvas to illustrate a pattern or composition I have developed.

DT: What advice would you give to those whom would like to try their hand at sneaker customization? where does one start?

SD: I would design a bunch of pairs on Photoshop or a similar program first and try not to go too over the top or rush it when your new. So often people skip the acetone stage or put on thick coats of paint to make it quicker but it all ends poorly if you don’t take your time.

DT: What are you working on now?

SD: Just knocking up a time-lapse for some new shoes I finished yesterday entitled the Nike “Serpent” Dunk High and a new project which is pretty exciting.

DT: What’s next for Sekure D?

SD: Holiday until the end of February then a series of customs I have been brainstorming over and a new solo exhibition.

Click on the image above to check out Sekure D’s Guide via Sneaker Freaker.

Morbidly Awesome… Bone Jewellery


This series called ‘Deadly Creatures’ is hand carved from buffalo bone and horn and detailed with sterling gold and silver..

The range is crafted by a group of talented artisans and is available via artist and designer, Zoe Mou’s website


Munch owns despair, Warhol owns pop – Art History Volume 1

Vuk Vidor, an artist from Belgrade now working is Paris created Art history (part one) as part of the exhibition Palais de Tokyo, Paris in 2004.

The mural is a list of artists and his or her cultural impact, defined in one sentence by their, medium material or concept.


Expression Through Neon – Three dimensional light.

Roger borg split stack 700px

Artist Roger Borg expresses himself through the not-so-often-used medium that is neon.
Borg’s inspiration comes from the inherent characteristics of the mid-nineteenth century light source, taking its traditional flatness, two dimensionality, seductive colours and most importantly its malleablility of shape and by breathing new life into it.

Borg challenges the core aspect of the typical lamp.

Traditionally, their illumination is dependent on an interior light source, concealed and diffused through an exterior, whereas Roger’s lamps are the light, generated directly from their exterior surface.

The light does not hide behind a typical shade, but rather emanates from its external shell.

The need for an interior bulb is rendered moot. The bulb is now the shape, the shape is now the light.

Some Harry Potters in the Works

I recently visited Lamington Drive Gallery and was treated to the work of Oslo Davis..

this particular piece made me laugh buckets.

Walking on eggshells


Seems to be that birds and eggs are all the rage these days…

1.  Wire birds designed by Javier Henriquez and Sebastian Lara of EosMexico {via} geek alerts

2.  Cybertecture Egg for Mumbai by James Law {via} Inhabitat

3.  Ingo Maurer Egg Installation at Milan Design Week 2009 {via} Design Boom

4.  Nosinger’s Rebirth {via} Metropolis

5.  50th anniversary of the Fritz Hansen Egg Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen {via} Hive

For more info on all items that are sunny side up visit this Vogue Living (2009) article called Free Range

Scrap that.


Scrapbooking seems to have taken over as quilting as the daggy design hobby. This makes me sad. Scrapbooking is a fun way to relive your memories and create something to keep for years to come. With digital cameras, our photos are usually reserved for Facebook and Flickr alone, preserved only in the online. It’s just not the same  - there is something about the tangibility of old-school photo albums, the act of sitting down and reliving an experience rather than clicking through 165 pics aimlessly, without the time or mental capacity for true engagement, that you just can’t replicate.

And besides, there’s nothing like some beautiful vintagey stickers (much like those below) to brighten up your day.

Amy Butler Purse Stickers

The art of typography.



Australian artist, Erin Smith, is pretty much your average young woman. The 27 year old artist moved to melbourne from Queensland to study graphic design and only just moved back to her home state this year. Graphic design didn’t turn out to be the career for her – “I find it difficult to sit in a chair inside for any period of time…and I’m hopeless at deadlines so I wasn’t very good.”

It was during her studies, however, that the fascination with typography really began.
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Unique and affordable Steampunk Jewelry

il 430xN

After a bit of a stint of no posting, I would like to get back into the swing of things and share with you lovely readers a unique collection of Victorian Steampunk Jewelry.
The pieces below are by a talented individual by the name of Jennie Burns or Steampunk Jennie via her etsy store.

Each piece below is under $19.95 (USD) and would make a great pressie!

Need a crash course in ‘Steampunk?’ Check my original post here.

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